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Looking into Windows

Thursday, March 12th; The day the world felt like it was put on a topsy turvy and that’s where it’s stayed. You all know what happened; you are living it. One day we’re planning March Break, the next we’re in the middle of a pandemic, a state of emergency in Canada, and new mandatory shut downs and regulations that continue to roll out on a daily basis.

I know you are reading this from either one of two locations; your essential job (we can't thank you enough front line workers), or you are reading this from your home, while you adapt to this strange new world of "social distancing" (also a huge thank you for helping our healthcare system in their attempts to keep up with this super virus).

This current state is new, frightening, and overwhelming at times. It is also necessary. Our national anthem is ringing in our Canadian ears, "we stand on guard for thee". We want our nation, our people to come through this dark cloud healthy and united.

But you know what always blows my mind during darkness? You can ALWAYs spot the light. Like when it peeks through storm clouds, twinkling stars in the sky, or even the welcoming glow of our home. We seek it out, we are so good at that....So, I wanted to share with you my little story of light.

Eliza and I try to get outside daily, as most of us are trying to do. It’s a moment to clean the cobwebs from the brain and give our minds a break from all of the overthinking they we’re doing.

This particular day was cold. The sun was shining but it was cold and the sluggishness wasn't shaking off so easily. I was in a fog, my brain was completely overwhelmed, just running through everything that was going on in our world. That’s when I heard a "tap, tap" it was from our neighbours third story window. Their son, who was likely supposed to be napping, was instead stark naked standing up on the window, grinning down at us.

Obviously every other emotion went out the window and was replaced by ease and laughter.

So much laughter that is stuck with me for the rest of the day. What made me smile more, was thinking of what was happening in so many windows across the world. What crazy epic moments were happening that we were missing out on. How cool was it to think bigger picture about how our windows were actually linking us together, showcasing our social distance skills. I wanted to see more, I wanted more light and laughter, more children being truly themselves. So, I went to a couple more windows. Now, it’s turned into shining more light, live and laughter.

An amazing small group of local photographers and I have decided to unite and push the trend into Peterborough "The front steps project". I am going to continue to creep into windows but will also be offering front step sessions. Which is me, standing with my longest lens on (over 10 feet away) to capture a family portrait of your family at this time, all I ask in return is that a donation goes to the .

We would love for you to get creative with us and take your own epic photos using the hashtags #isupportkawarthafoodshare #lookingintowindows2020 #frontstepprojectptbo or tag @lookingintowindows2020 to have your post potentially showcased! Lets turn our bright lights on share it with the world.


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