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Teens: I commend you and I thank you during COVID-19 lockdown.

The teen brain. What an amazingly beautiful and terrifying thing. So many hormones and so many ‘circuits’ being rewired every day. Did you know that teen brains are actually going through a form of “cocooning” and that parts of it are resting as it develops?

So, what does all this extra work and all of the extra hormones mean for teens?

They’re risk takers, they’re impulsive, they’re emotions run high, and above all, they’re very social beings. All normal, all a part of their brains developing into beautiful adult butterflies. This is science and nature, and right now, we are asking our teens to fight all of their basic instincts... and most are.

I watch as they decline social events in order to protect their beloved grandparents and parents and in doing so, they’re pushing their own needs to the side.

So for that, we need to praise them and recognize how incredible this generation is.

We are so quick to poke fun at them, to throw memes at them, to criticize them, and to worry about the future. They’re proving to us right now, that that they’ve got this.

For my son and for all of those that are in their last year of highschool, please understand that they are silently grieving. They are grieving their freedom, they’re grieving the fact that they may never walk the school halls again, they may never get to celebrate their prom or their graduation.

Same goes for the our Grade 8 graduating teens, who also have so many big plans.

I have had the honour of capturing so many beautiful teens and I was so excited at the prospect of being be able to document some beautiful teens at their grad. If these events do not happen, please, please call on me and we will get your teen in their prom attire and take a front porch photo for them, This is my thank you to them.

So, next time you are feeling a little low about your situation, or angered by those ignoring the phsycal distance, think of a teen who is doing their part, write them a message, tell them how frigging bad ass they are right now, because they truly are

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