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Thank You Peterborough Front Line Staff

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It's a well known fact that I carry my camera around with me more than an actual purse. So it felt right to have it with me at the PRHC Parades, my grandmothers Nursing home, side walk encounters with my friends at Partner and Pregnancy and the Kawartha Community Midwives, the grocery store, the local Sullivans General Store and even the post office.

Thank you all for flashing me a smile, especially when you are in the thick of making sure we are all taken care of. We thank you so, so much. Also a shoutout to the wonderfully talented Matt Mays for allowing me to play his song, Drive On, for the slideshow!

To hear a little more about why this is so special to us, head over to Ptbo Canada

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