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Gramma Young - The ultimate Mother and Grandmother.

It's been one year since our incredible Mother, left this world. I wanted to wish "Mom", and everyone that is missing her a very happy mothers day.

Below is her beautiful eulogy written by my sister, Marian and pictures compiled together from her 13 children's families.

"There really are no words, no comparison to the kind of woman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend that mom was.

Mom had two great loves. First was God and the second was her family.

Mom was born and raised right here in this community which she loved so much. Born into a family of 6 children she had 4 sisters whom she loved and remained close to and 1 brother whom she adored. Her sweet, kind, loving nature was evident from an early age, so much so that her Grandfather Ned nicknamed her peaches when she was just little.

One of mom’s earliest memories was of her father buying their first record player. She fondly remembered her father listening to the song “A mother’s love is a blessing”. How perfect is this song to describe how we feel today. In 1956 Mom and Dad bought her childhood home where they raised 13 children. It was with love that she ran her house. Their door was always open, actually it never had a lock on it. You were always welcome, there was always a plate of food at the table for everyone and a place to sleep, as long as you didn't mind piling in with 4 or 5 others.

In a New Year reflection letter, that she wrote in January 2005 she said this about the home she created “It was a full and lively household, and everyone was healthy and worked hard. We helped each other and shared what we had”.

Mom could have written a book on the many escapades that took place over the years. Like refereeing the fights that happened over Betty’s clothes or trying to find a broom to sweep her floor. Eh Will? You will no doubt hear more of those stories today.

She was very strong, ..our matriarch. As my good friend Cathy said in her message to me “Mom proved to us that when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Mom suffered lots of trials in her life, more than one person should endure. It was during these times that she set an example for us by showing us her deep faith in God. She prayed never missing a word, with her rosary in her hand. It was because of this strength that so many turned to her in their time of need. Just like when Father Wolfe had asked her to serve a second term as President of the C.W.L. she obediently and graciously agreed.

In her 13 children, 48 grandchildren and 48 great grandchildren with one more on the way, she instilled a love of God and the peace that comes with that faith. Say your prayers, carry on, God is with you.

For you mom we vow to cherish each day, wake up thanking God for those around us and find comfort in knowing that you and dad are together again with Julie and Tracy watching over us all. Where there is sadness God plants a garden of memories. We will carry your love in our hearts and your peace in our souls.

Love you Mom."

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